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  • Posted on Oct 6, 2016

For approximately a year, the clinical services team has been occupying their new wing on campus: Elmcrest Hall. The expansive space is certainly making a difference to what they had before. For years, the team was separated across campus, and at one point, 6 therapists were sharing a small classroom in the education building. Today, thirteen therapists have their own office space in Elmcrest, with plenty of room to grow.

Amidst the offices, there are several large areas for group sessions to take place. Knight’s Mind Training, art therapy, and trauma therapy groups now have ample space to operate. In addition, the substance abuse counselors and behavioral health intervention services (BHIS) counselors have moved to Elmcrest to join the rest of the team. There is also a play therapy space, and a room dedicated solely to neurofeedback.

To get a visual of what Elmcrest looks like, take a tour with clinical therapist, Monica Johnson.



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