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  • Posted on Sep 18, 2012

After school extracurricular activities have started again this fall with a new set of interest oriented classes.  Running in nine week segments, the topics of the extracurriculars rotate based on which staff members are organizing them.  In the past, journalism, drama club, and sports such as volleyball have been offered, among many others.  One of the more ambitious and compelling groups this time around is woodworking.  Organized by Group Leader Don Teague, this extracurricular is providing hands on experience building a variety of projects.  He has also envisioned this nine week period as the first of four with the projects becoming more complicated moving forward.  Read more after the break.  

The woodworking extracurricular is receiving hands-on experience working with table saws, miter saws, drills and routers along with a variety of other power tools.  The 12 students in the course all go through a two week training that covers safety procedures and techniques.  But this after school activity is not just an exercise in operating power tools, it is to build and sell their products.  Teague is emphasizing the importance of completing projects, not just building them.  That means putting the finishing touches on everything they do so that people would want to purchase them… and that is the end goal.  At the end of the nine weeks, an on campus auction will take place where staff will have an opportunity to own the pieces created in the program.  Examples of items that will be up for purchase include bag games (popular in tailgating), magazine racks, and book shelves.  Beyond these projects, Teague also using the time after school to address maintenance needs on the dorms.

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