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Skill building is a primary treatment method used both in behavioral and cognitive behavioral treatment. Skill building teaches alternative skills and behavior to problem behavior. In the behavioral context, residents are taught functional alternative behaviors that are incompatible with the problem behavior and lead to alternative ways of being reinforced. In general, this process requires identifying problem behaviors and their triggers and setting events, identifying, and scripting responses, practicing scripted responses, and responding to staff cues. Every phase in this process will involve staff knowing resident triggers and responses and prompting resident when needed. Skill building includes:

  • Modeling demonstrating what you expect from the resident.
  • Teach trigger and setting event recognition.
  • Skill Practice behavioral rehearsal or role-playing intervention strategies.
  • Graduated Practice make role-playing more difficult by approximating real life.
  • Reinforcement reward desired behavior and celebrate success.
  • Skill building will be developed through both generic processes and documented research supported packages.

BHIS Groups – Skill Building

Based on assessments, individualized treatment plans, and goals, residents are assigned to a BHIS group. These services are opportunities for skill building in both individual and group settings. BHIS Practitioners facilitate groups and meet with their assigned residents individually.

As progress is reassessed, residents may continue in the same group or begin work in a new group. Group content overlaps to assist the resident in making a transition from one skill to another while continuing holistic integration. BHIS groups are facilitated by experienced staff who meet and exceed the qualifications for providing these services.

BHIS groups focus on skill development related to the goals set in the resident’s treatment plan which is based on the individual’s needs assessment. Documentation is done daily for BHIS groups by the practitioner to show the progress each resident is/is not making during the group sessions. The BHIS QA reviews documentation daily to ensure the goals and skills are being implemented and taught in a way to meet the identified needs and risks of the resident.

BHIS Group topics may include:

  • Healthy Decision Making
  • Family Systems
  • Thinking Errors
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Grief and Loss
  • Communication
  • Relationships and Boundaries
  • Respect

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