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Community Residential

The Comprehensive Boys Residential Program serves male residents, ages 12 to 18. The length of stay in this program averages about 4-6 months. Woodward Academy has five separate boys comprehensive residential dormitories, allowing residents to separate into smaller groups to work more as a therapeutic family. The focus of treatment is to psychiatrically and behaviorally stabilize the residents. The treatment structure facilitates a trauma-informed approach while emphasizing symptom management and personal accountability.  Residents develop the ability to navigate conflict, manage difficult emotions, and maintain healthy interpersonal relationships.

 During their stay, residents advance through each of the four program phases, applying the cognitive pieces they are learning. The four phases of the program explore areas of victim empathy, taking responsibility for their actions, learning alternatives to their behaviors, and relapse prevention. The residents also participate in multiple groups throughout the week such as Daily Community Group, Skill Development Sessions, primary counseling, and Life skills groups. Off the dormitories they participate in individual, family, and group therapy and/or specialized clinical services such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) and psychiatric consultations.

Population Served:

To be considered for participation in this program, residents should meet the following criteria:

  • Male, ages 12 to 18
  • May have a DSM-5-TR diagnosis
  • Impulsivity and Irresponsibility
  • Minimization and justification of actions
  • Poor self-control and/or poor emotions management
  • Low self-esteem and distressed social skills
  • Defiance and/or non-compliance with authority
  • Sexual boundary concerns
  • Poor coping skills
  • Verbal and/or physical aggression
  • Low degree of empathy for others
  • Poor means–end reasoning
  • History of responding to life stresses by abusing substances, thrill-seeking/risk taking behavior, acting out sexually, gang affiliation/behavior and/or criminal behavior
  • Residents with a history of abuse, eating disorders or self- mutilation must be medically stable upon admission

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