Our Mission

Woodward Academy

The mission of Woodward Academy is to provide a safe and structured environment in which our residents can learn, develop, and apply skills that will provide positive direction for their futures.

Woodward Academy is currently comprised of the following individualized treatment dormitories.

  • Five dormitories for boys comprehensive community residential treatment, however fill based on acuity, typically between 16-20.
  • Two dormitories for comprehensive sex offender treatment, however filled based on acuity and need, typically 16-20.

All programs share the universal goal of developing each resident’s opportunity for normal adolescent development. This means providing a structured environment that facilitates positive behavior change. It also means the ultimate objective of Woodward Academy’s program environment is teaching residents how to structure their own environments to foster an increased likelihood for continued positive behaviors following discharge. Our Program staff are trained to understand that all residents have the same basic needs for growth and development, but that the residents we serve require additional structure and therapeutic support to overcome personal experiences that have hindered their development. We believe that the two most critical aspects of a group setting are the cultural environment and social interaction that enable residents to participate in therapeutically planned activities.

Click Here for a document outlining a brief history of Woodward Academy.