Educational Services


Education is a key component to student life at Woodward Academy and an area where residents spend a lot of their time. When the Education Center was built in 2002, it marked only the beginning of an increasing department that now has four buildings, 25 classrooms, a computer lab, three conference rooms, and offices dedicated to schooling.

Woodward Academy is an accredited nonpublic school through Cognia Global Commission and provides services to middle- and high school-aged youth year-round. Today, 27 teachers and education support staff provide a full range of core and elective classes, as well as special education services, to residents in the residential and Day School programs.

Receiving a quality education can be one of the most valuable components of a resident’s adolescence. Woodward Academy teachers use a standards-referenced curriculum and a variety of assessment and engagement strategies to help residents develop agency and stay engaged in their learning.

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