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Problematic Sexualized Behaviors

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Problematic Sexualized Behaviors

At Woodward Academy, our Problematic Sexualized Behaviors treatment program accepts adjudicated and non-adjudicated youth from 12-18 years old. Since 1996, the program has addressed problematic sexualized behaviors through a combination of evidence-based practices and skill development in a high-intensity treatment setting. Residents should expect to receive trauma-informed clinical interventions and high staff-to-resident supervision ratios that results in compassionate care and healing.

Treatment focuses on cognitive behavioral modification. Through our treatment, the resident targets different sexual arousal patterns, approaches to restructure belief systems, self-regulation strategies, techniques to eliminate/replace criminal thinking errors, victim empathy, healthy relationships, identifying and recognizing triggers, and relapse prevention. Residents are prepared for victim reunification when appropriate. Specific emphasis includes identification of the offender’s sexual offenses and cycle, reducing denial, taking full responsibility for offenses, recognizing impact on victims, and the identification of techniques to interrupt the resident’s offense cycle.

Assessment tools used by Woodward Academy include polygraph testing, the JSSOTR (Juvenile Structured Sex offender Treatment Review) and the JSOAP (Juvenile Sex Offender Assessment Protocol). The residents also participate in multiple groups throughout the week such as Daily Communication Group, Skill Development Sessions, Sex Offender Group, primary counseling, and Life skills groups. Off the dormitories they participate in individual, family, and group therapy and/or specialized clinical services such as EMDR and Trauma-Focused CBT or psychiatric consultations.

Population Served:

  • Males, ages 12-18 years old
  • Diagnosed with a DSM-5-TR mood- or trauma-related diagnosis
  • Presents with high-risk or impulsive sexualized behaviors
  • Requires high intensity residential treatment
  • Has a Full-scale IQ of 70 or higher

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